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Two Workers Electrocuted in Industrial Accident in Conroe, Texas

On July 15, 2021, two workers were electrocuted while performing underground electrical work at Margaritaville Lake Resort in Conroe, Texas.  One worker was killed, and the other worker suffered burns to his hands.  A preliminary report indicates that “[t]he worker who died was leaning into a manhole when something happened, causing electricity to ignite, creating a sound similar to an explosion.”

According to government statistics from 2019, the most recent year from which data is available, deaths and injuries from electricity in the workplace are rising.  Specifically, the Electrical Safety Foundation International (EFSI) analyzed U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ data to identify 166 deaths from electricity in the workplace in 2019, the highest number of deaths from electricity since 2011.  Further, EFSI found that there were 1,900 nonfatal injuries from electricity in the workplace in 2019, which was a 22% increase over 2018.

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